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Medical Supplies Delivered to Your Home

Wound Care, Urology, Incontinence, Ostomy

Serving the Entire State of Indiana

Whether you are a patient or a referral source, Healthcare Products Delivery can help you enhance the quality of your life without lifting a finger. We've been in the medical supply business since 1990. We deliver products prescribed by the physicians directly to your home. We also bill your insurance for your convenience.

Healthcare Products Delivery also supports many state programs. You will have access to a complete line of supplies for wound care, incontinence, urology, and ostomy management. We have what you need; if we do not, our team will get it for you!

You will appreciate our knowledgable and friendly customer-service staff members They have extensive product and insurance reimbursement experience. We will make ordering simple and reassuring. Call 800-291-8011 to get started.

Find Out Which Insurance Plans Are Accepted

Healthcare Products Delivery strives to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. We accept Medicare, Indiana Medicaid, and private insurance plans for the medical supplies that you need.

Additionally, Healthcare Products Delivery partners with most of the leading manufacturers of medical supplies and will coordinate the educational support you need with different programs offered by our partners.

If your HHA is absorbing the cost of your wound care supplies with Medicaid, Healthcare Products Delivery can provide and bill those wound care supplies directly to Medicaid for savings to your HHA. Call 800-291-8011 for more information


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Healthcare Products Delivery

1300 E US Highway 136

Pittsboro, IN 46167

Tel: 800-291-8011

Fax: 888-329-8799



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